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Compilation of Critic Reviews

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

List of critical reviews based on performances by David Burnham

The Hunchback of Notra Dame

Best known for his romantic star turns on Broadway as Light In The Piazza’s Fabrizio and Wicked’s Fiyero, Burnham gives the proverbial performance of a lifetime as the outwardly hideous, inwardly beauteous Quasimodo, investing Notre Dame’s feared and despised hunchback with childlike wonder and a heart that’s oceans deep. - Steven Stanleys StageSceneLA

The Little Mermaid

Unlike the rather one-dimensionality Disney princes tend to have in the films, Burnham brings Eric to life wonderfully, especially through his solos — “Her Voice” in Act I and “One Step Closer” in Act II. He aptly expresses Eric’s inner conflict of pursuing a relationship with Ariel, who has attracted him through her charm and dancing, and the yet-undiscovered girl whose voice has won his heart. - Elizabeth Marie Himchak, The San Diego Union Tribune

Light in the Piazza

Burnham's dazzling singing and acting combine to charm the pants off everyone onstage and in the audience. He's the type of actor who, when he smiles, you could swear sunlight glints off his teeth and his infectious energy makes the whole thing believable. ‑ The Hollywood Reporter

A clarifying improvement over the Broadway production comes via Burnham's Fabrizio, whose flamboyant youthfulness helps explain his impetuosity. He's like a recently graduated high school kid having the eureka moment of sexual chemistry. When he launches into a ballad, you can almost see the hormones raging. ‑ Los Angeles Times

 It's difficult to pick favorites in a cast strong both vocally and dramatically, but Burnham delightfully etches Fabrizio as a true fool‑in‑love, in terms gently self‑satirizing rather than caricatured. ‑ Variety

 Burnham ‑ a knockout both visually and vocally ‑ is as good as it gets. ‑ Miami Herald

 He plays Fabrizio with hormone‑stoked, puppyish joy. His voice is magnificent and he gives a breathtaking performance of Guettel's score. -Orange County Register


Pirates of Penzance

Tenor David Burnham plays Frederick (whose pirate indentures are up on his 21st birthday) like a rock star, complete with Elvis pelvic gyrations and seething sexuality. Victorian maidens swoon all over the stage. By Dianne Runion Special to The Record published Thursday, August 2004

Burnham practically stopped the show early in Act 1, when, spying on the daughters approaching the circular stage, he later bursts out with "Stop, Ladies, Pray!" He does a funny Elvis send-up, gyrating hips and pelvic thrusts, that swoons the half-dozen daughters. His tenor rose and fell in whoops, mimicking the hip action. He deserved the hearty ovation for his quasi-King impersonation. By Richard BammerTHEREPORTER.COM

Tom Jones: The Musical

Burnham as Tom Jones has a fine comic touch and cuts a dashing figure; he had the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand." By RICH FAHEY of the DAILY ITEM


When David Burnham, as John Hinckley, sings "Unworthy of Your Love" to his dream girl, Jodie Foster, he's a ghoulish cross between a yearning high school senior and an obsessed madman. By JOEL HIRSCHHORN


From the first appearance of the very charismatic David Burnham as Jesus (in jeans and a white wife-beater T-shirt), things kick into gear and stay that way. Burnham managed to appear humble, serious, earnest, fun-loving and slightly bemused at his goofball apostles all at the same time, making for a charming and winsome performance, and my pick, by far, for Best in Show. Robert A. Mitchell, KDHX Theatre Review

David Burnham is outstanding as Jesus. He tolerates his followers, but is such a blend of charm and personality, that even when he rebukes them, he does so not in a judgmental, condemning way, that allows them, even in their simple mindedness to understand. Burnham has a rare blend of looks, charm—call it charisma—combined with a stage presence as well as an outstanding voice. Yet, he has the acting ability to take on the demanding role of Jesus. -By Daniel Hines, Publisher America’s Seniors/

Peggy Sue Got Married

David Burnham has got flashy adorability and a tenor to die for. When Burnham hits the first money note in the stirring 'Crown of Love', a hush falls over the theatre. It's an impossibly high note that Burnham shapes to the perfection of a single tear drop. - The Chicago Citizen

David Burnham is talented, appealing, has a superb voice, and also can dance up a storm! Chicago Sun Times

David Burnham is terrific...he's a textbook heartthrob with a glorious tenor."- Chicago Reader

David Burnham does some high-voltage singing...he bears a close resemblance to a young Montgomery Cliff and has a super tenor voice. - Copley News Service

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

David Burnham's 100 kilowatt smile, lights up the theatre to the back rows, along with a pleasing tenor voice and assured acting. - Danian Inwood, The Province

A newcomer to leading man stardom, he's teeny-bopper idol, drop-dead gorgeous. From the end of the alphabet seats, you'd swear the lighting techno-wizards figured out how to do one of those TV cartoon tooth sparkles in real life. But the kid is legitimately trained as a stage performer, so when he belts out the powerful lines in songs like Close Every Door, hold onto your hat. - Jean Russell, Capital News

His voice is incredible. I'm sure the theatre is still ringing! - Kevin Frankish, CITY TV


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